• Bass Multiamp S
The BASS MULTIAMP S is dedicated to all the bassists who like to play in stereo mode, like our top-artists Jeff Berlin, Alain Caron, Richard Bona, Michael Manring. The BASS MULTIAMP S can be used for stereo applications with 500W@4ohm of power for each channel (2x300W@8ohm) with bi- amp option, or mono bridge mode with a power of 1000W@8ohm! Like the mono version, bassist have a wide range of virtual bass amps, both modern and vintage, speaker cabs and microphones, studio and stompbox effects, and powerful amps... in a practical rack mountable unit! The BASS MULTIAMP S features a very easy to use interface like the guitar Multiamp. More than 300 factory presets: 105 for LIVE MONO, 105 for LIVE STEREO and 105 for P.A. banks! It is also equipped with an electronic crossover which allows you to play in bi-amp mode, splitting the frequencies in two dedicated channels (bass frequencies channnel and treble/midrange frequencies channel). New design for 2015 features a Master Volume on the front panel (Headphone Level control is now available at System menu), Patch Level control, new effects and new improvements as Comp Indication on the display, ultra reduced switching time between presets, Control Change Map with on/off assignable to each single effect... and more! BASS MULTIAMP’s state-of-the-art design allows for continual expansion... Since we were BORN TO RUN, our team will continue to work hard to periodically release new firmware updates, new items, and more and more useful and exciting tones and effects. We want only the BEST for our customers!

Bass Multiamp S

  • Brand: MARKBASS
  • Product Code: MBH110050
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